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About Pacific North West Diesel 

Pacific North West Diesel Ltd. has been actively maintained equipment in the remote coastal Regions of British Columbia since 2003. The owner is a third-generation red seal Mechanic, brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge, having completed Maintenance of equipment on various infrastructure projects both prior to and following the inception of PNWD. With close to three decades of experience in BC's resource sector, PNWD understands the sensitivities as well as the regulatory expectations that are associated with operating in challenging  environments.


Indigenous Participation

Pacific North West Diesel is a  First Nations owned company and is committed to engaging regularly with the Indigenous Communities that we do business with. Pacific Northwest Diesel maintains and continues to be involved in various joint ventures with first Nations communities throughout the coastal regions of BC. We worked extensively to create meaningful employment and training opportunities and see this as a crucial component of successful business moving Forward.


At Pacific North West Diesel we take pride in our reputation for high quality construction , safety standards and commitment to corporate social responsibility.  


Pacific Northwest Diesel promotes safety as a core company value and has an exemplary safety record as a result this cultural mainstay. Pacific North West Diesel holds Safe Certified Designation with the BC Forest Safety Council. A leader in industry safety standards, Adrian Sweet commits his time as an owner of Pacific North West Diesel, sitting on the Health and Safety Committee,  As part of a BCFSC and WorkSafeBC initiative in 2018, P.N.W.D acted as the subject matter expert while developed EHS and Quality Management Program.

Commitment To Safety 


Environmental Stewardship

For 15 Years Pacific Northwest Diesel has been Committed to responsible, environmentally friendly Mechanical practices. We treat all our projects as environmentally sensitive, regardless of the size of environmental demands. For project start up to completion, we take the necessary precautions to mitigate any and all environmental risk. We work closely with clients, government regulatory bodies and general public to ensure all stakeholder concerns are addressed at all stages of a project. Our project teams are educated and trained to identify environmental hazards as they arise.  

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