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YANMAR is a reliable partner when it comes to delivering outstanding on-water experiences. From our innovative solutions, latest technology, global service network, and genuine YANMAR parts, we have an unwavering commitment to our customers.


Sailboat and Small Craft 

YANMAR engines have become the global standard in sailboat and small craft propulsion. Bringing common rail technology to smaller applications, YANMAR exclusively provides the benefits of fuel efficiency, added power, and cleaner operation to deliver 5x Best in Class features.



YANMAR powerboat engines deliver responsive power, exceptional fuel efficiency, and unmatched reliability. With a customizable range of options and available for shaft, stern, and jet drives, our engines have proven to be the ideal solution for power applications.



YANMAR engines are built to deliver reliable and efficient performance and come available with multiple options and certifications, including SOLAS, semi 2-pole, high power alternators, NMEA connectivity, and more, to satisfy nearly any light-duty commercial application requirement.



Dtorque is the world’s only 50 hp diesel outboard and delivers an impressive torque output of 111 Nm. Ideal for workboats, safety and rescue boats, fishing boats, oil and gas and offshore vessels, government and port authority boats, passenger boats, and superyacht tenders.

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