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Condition Monitoring System

The ZF Condition Monitoring System (CMS) for marine propulsion systems increases operational safety by monitoring the performance and health status of core components in the driveline. ZF’s intelligent CMS demonstrates how integrated sensors and advanced data analysis tools can further improve efficiency, reliability and safety on board.

Contra Rotation Azimuth Thruster

ZF thrust.jpg

ZF Azimuth Thrusters allow unmatched maneuverability for all types of ships in commercial applications. The Contra Rotation Azimuth Thruster is a rudder propeller with contra rotating propellers. The lower blade load leads to reduction in noise and vibrations and ensures high sailing comfort. The thruster can be found in high performance applications as river going passenger vessels. The thruster is designed with a performance range of 150-770 kW.


ZF Marine’s electronic propulsion control systems are at the leading edge of electronics technology. The products incorporate well-proven hardware and software to ensure reliability, easy operation and maintenance. A wide range of systems means optimum equipment can be chosen to specifically match the type of vessel or propulsion configuration – single engine, multi-engine or multi-station.


Deck Mounted Azimuth Thruster

Azimuth Thrusters combine propulsion and steering in one propulsion package. The Deck Mounted Azimuth Thruster with a containerized prime mover can be placed right on the deck of the vessel. The turnkey delivered propulsion unit is designed for barges, ferries, Jack-up vessels and many more applications. The product can be delivered in a performance range of 180-1200 kW.

Fixed Pitch Propeller

The range of fixed pitch propellers from ZF Faster Propulsion are suited for a wide variety of pleasure craft applications including sport fishing boats, cruisers, motor yachts, as well as for many commercial applications.

Hybrid Transmissions for Ships.jpg

Hybrid Transmissions for Ships

ZF Marine offers a broad portfolio of hybrid transmissions with a power range from 600 kW to 11,500 kW. By integrating a power take-in (PTI), ZF can make conventional transmissions conect to hybrid and electric motors. ZF supplies complete systems with flexible couplings, electric pumps, inverters and electric control units. For the power range up to max. 300 kW, ZF also offers CeTrax, a suitable electric motor that was developed in-house.


Joystick Maneuvering System (JMS)

The ZF JMS™ allows the captains of twin-engine motor yachts, cruisers, and sport fishing boats, with traditional shaft-line propulsion to easily maneuver the vessel in complex docking situations. Interfaced with the ZF SmartCommand™ electronic control system, ZF JMS™ integrates sophisticated functions like iAnchor™ to keep the vessel on station at a given position, with the press of a button.

ZF Retractable_Azimuth_Thruster_L-Drive_

Retractable Azimuth Thruster

The Retractable Azimuth Thruster operates in full azimuth mode when deployed as part of an auxiliary propulsion system to increase the vessel’s station-keeping capabilities. A tunnel can be incorporated in the design of the outer well so that the thruster can be used as bow thruster as well. Typical applications for the propulsion system are OSV, research vessels, jack-up, stand-by and rescue vessels. The thruster is designed with a performance range 200-2000 kW.

ZF sail drive.jpg

Sail Drive

The ZF SailDrive offers skippers a highly efficient and comfortable system for motoring while not under sail. The system, designed to allow the engine to be positioned facing the bow or stern, offers boat builders significant design flexibility. The system is robust and reliable, and can be matched with a large range of fixed or foldable propellers, moving the vessel power and security.

ZF searex.jpg

Sea Rex 

The ZF SeaRex™ surface drive system offers integrated propulsion and steering systems for high performance vessels of all types. The SeaRex™ surface drive system ensures unprecedented reliability and ease of maintenance over the lifetime of the vessel, no matter what application – Pleasure, Commercial or Government.

Shallow Draught Thruster

Like all ZF Azimuth thrusters, Shallow Draught Thrusters offer steerable thrust in all directions, allowing unmatched maneuverability. The Shallow Draught Thruster is the perfect solution for vessels which are required to navigate in shallow waters. It is typically used in pontoons, landing crafts, ferries and workboats as main propulsion thruster, auxiliary propulsion thruster. The Shallow Draught Thruster can be provided in a performance range of 100-850 kW


Steer Command

The electric steering system SteerCommand™, brings significant innovation into the marine market, where hydraulic and even mechanical steering systems are commonplace. ZF SteerCommand™ allows for more precise steering and safer operation when operating your pleasure boat, thanks to a patented reactive electronic force feedback system at the steering wheel specially designed by ZF. ZF SteerCommand™ can be fully integrated into the propulsion systems offered by ZF Marine for all types of vessels.

ZFStern Mounted Azimuth Thruster.jpg
ZFCommercial Craft.jpg
ZF tunnel thruster.jpg
ZFWell Mounted Azimuth Thrusters.jpg

Stern Mounted Azimuth Thruster

Azimuth Thrusters combine propulsion and steering in one propulsion package. Offering steerable thrust in all directions, ZF Azimuth Thrusters allow unmatched maneuverability for all types of ships in commercial applications. The Azimuth thruster is mounted at the stern of the vessel. The propulsion concept can be found in pusher tugs, work barges, crane pontoons as well as split hopper barges and many more applications. The thruster can be delivered in a performance range of 180 – 1200 kW.

Thruster Control System > ThrusterCommand

A complete control system is standard equipment in the ZF scope of supply. It is designed to control a single azimuth thruster and provides follow-up steering- and propulsion control, as well as independent backup- and emergency stop functionality.

Transmission > Pleasure Craft

The ZF Marine transmission range for pleasure craft applications includes a wide variety of transmissions for engine outputs of up to 1,500 hp, for all installation configurations – vertical offset, down-angle, coaxial and vee-drive. With the latest innovation, the ZF 400 transmission series, ZF is presenting a brand-new transmission family for pleasure craft and yachts of up to 1,000 hp. The transmission series convinces through its modular design and its hybrid compatibility.

Transmission > Commercial Craft

ZF provides a complete line of heavy duty gearboxes with cast iron housing and deep ratios for all types of vessels from tugs to tankers, fishing boats to factory ships. These transmissions can be matched to all types of medium-speed diesel engines up to 14.000 kW power. Several accessories like PTOs and PTIs are available as well as a “get home” capability and either manual or automatic trolling for slow-speed operation.

Transmission > Fast Craft

ZF Marine provides a complete line of high performance lightweight gearboxes with seawater proof aluminum gear casings and a wide ratio range for all types of fast vessels for engine power of up to 14,000 Kw. Large motor yachts, superyachts, offshore supply vessels, government vessels and fast ferries are typical applications for this series of marine transmissions they are characterized by an optimum power-to-weight ratio, capable of withstanding high loads under extreme operating conditions.

Tunnel Thruster

The tunnel thrusters with optimized hydrodynamic efficiency lead to significantly increased maneuverability for traditional shaftline equipped commercial vessels and pleasure craft boats. In auxiliary use the ease of mooring can be improved. In essential use for more demanding applications, such as dynamic positioning, performance can be optimized. The thruster can be delivered in a performance range of 100-2000 kW.

Well Mounted Azimuth Thrusters

Azimuth Thrusters combine propulsion and steering in one propulsion package. The Well Mounted Azimuth Thruster is a rudder propeller with excellent maneuverability. The propulsion system can be optimized for speed or bollard pull. The thruster can be delivered in a performance range of 200-2000 kW.The thruster can be found in high performance applications as river going passenger vessels and many more.

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